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Fandoms you'll find here: Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, Pacific Rim, Avengers, Teen Wolf. Mainly Marvel these days, though. Probably a lot of really awesome and talented actors/people too. There's really too many to list here--if you really want to know, just ask. Diehard NHL/hockey fan; the New York Rangers are my team now and always. :]

I read way too much to be healthy and write way too much to be sane.
Life's too short for hate, so don't bring it here.

If you want/need me to tag something that's trigger-y, just let me know.

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WORTH SEEING: Kacy Catanzaro becomes the first woman to make it to Mt. Midoriyama. She’s amazing. 

Fuck yeah

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Any curse, chain mail, whatever reblog or you’ll ____ post.

Has now been broken.
Enjoy your day/night as a free/safe human being~

bless your soul

you beautiful perfect being

reblogging for anyone who gets anxiety for such things x

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What a glittering assemblage, King Stefan…

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From June 28th, Ramadan starts. I, along with my other muslim brothers and sisters, will be fasting.

If you could please tag these things:

  • food
  • water
  • nudity (in any forms)
  • similar to the above, sex/nsfw things

thank you sm have a nice day

are any of my followers fasting for Ramadan? because if so just one of you shoot me a message and I’ll tag all these things!

^this? this is how you react to things.

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Imagine after Bucky joins the Avengers the guys are telling him about all the missions they’ve gone on and they’re casually mentioning all the times Steve’s almost killed himself and Bucky keeps glaring at him like,

"you jumped out of a plane? With no parachute?”

"you crashed your plane in the middle of the ocean?”

"you were going to fight a GOD?!"

and the rest of the avengers just have to sit there listening to Bucky shouting at Steve, for like an hour.

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